Mastering Keyboard Shortcuts for Enhanced Productivity


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In the digital age, being efficient and fast at typing isn't just about quick fingers; it's also about mastering keyboard shortcuts. Keyboard shortcuts can greatly boost your productivity by cutting down the time spent on repetitive tasks. Here’s a complete guide to understanding and using keyboard shortcuts effectively, along with resources to practice and improve your typing skills.

Essential Keyboard Shortcuts

Basic Text Editing

  • Ctrl + Backspace: Deletes the word to the left of the cursor.

  • Shift + Home + Backspace: Deletes the entire line where the cursor is located.

  • Home/End: Moves the cursor to the beginning or end of the current line.


  • Ctrl + Arrow Key: Moves the cursor one word at a time, speeding up navigation in text.

  • Shift + Arrows: Highlights text character by character.

  • Ctrl + Shift + Arrows: Selects entire words or lines, making text manipulation faster.

Window Management

  • Ctrl + W: Closes the current window, useful for quick closing of tabs in browsers or documents.

Practice Websites

To get better at typing and using these shortcuts, regular practice is crucial. Here are two websites that can help:

  • 10FastFingers: Offers typing tests in various languages to improve typing speed and accuracy.

  • Keybr: Provides practice lessons that adapt to your skill level, focusing on areas that need improvement.

Understanding Keyboard Shortcut Applications

Notion Shortcuts

  • Cmd + F1: Sets the heading of the page in Notion, a popular productivity tool.

Search Shortcut

  • Ueli: This is an application launcher for Windows that functions similarly to Spotlight on macOS, allowing you to start applications and find files with just a few keystrokes.
// Reference of Fast typing Notes 

fast typing speed 

Practice on Every Day 

key board shortcut

Ctrl + back space => delete words

Shift + home + back space => delete whole Line

Ctrl + arrow Key  => Navigate lines

shift + arrows => Hightlight the word 

Ctrl + shift + arrows => Select the text of word 

Home/end => Starting a line end of line 

Ctrl + w => close the Window

practice  website

Under Standing Key board Short cut application

Notion Shortcut 

cmd f1 => heading of page 

Search Shortcut 

Ueli app => spot light app like apple


Mastering keyboard shortcuts is like learning a musical instrument; the more you practice, the better you get. Integrating these shortcuts into your daily routine will not only boost your productivity but also make your computer usage more enjoyable. Start with the shortcuts listed above, practice regularly, and you’ll soon find yourself working more efficiently than ever.

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